Bundobust meats 2022 with a huge collaboration and campaign as Bundo Does Meat is all set to cause a stir this January, get ready to say hello to their new Bundo Does Meat Combo and more.

The Gujarati street food icon, has announced an exciting partnership with plant-based meat producer, Meatless Farm – and it promises bold new meat-free horizons for 2022.

The companies have been developing an exclusive vegan menu for several months, using two pioneering meat substitutes to craft a unique selection of dishes. The menu is available for a limited time only, making now the perfect opportunity to taste famous Bundo flavours in a whole new way.

Inspired by its Gujarati roots, the Bundobust offering has always been 100 percent vegetarian, with around two thirds of the menu completely plant-based. This partnership marks the restaurant’s first venture into meat substitutes, with Meatless Farm’s plant-based chicken and meatless mince allowing the Bundo team to explore more traditionally meat-focused Indian dishes.

Mayur Patel, Co-Founder at Bundobust, said: "These specials are something we’ve been working on for months. We experimented with a selection of meat substitutes, and Meatless Farm products lent themselves best to Indian food. Both Bundobust and Meatless Farm are Leeds born businesses focusing on meat-free offerings, so it made sense to work together on these new limited edition specials.”

Marko Husak, Co-Founder said: “These dishes are different to our usual Gujarati influenced menu. It was so much fun working with our Chef’s using their regional expertise and heritage to create some more traditional curry house dishes.”

Mayur continues “We’ve got a longstanding relationship with Ben Davy at Meatless Farm, and our chefs utilised his expertise on how best to cook with their products. This is a collaboration that enables our chefs to truly offer something new to our customers.”

Look out for Butter Chicken, a vegan spin on the decadent, creamy classic – only with one of Meatless Farm’s new products (chicken) as the centrepiece. Expect all the rich, tomatoey goodness of traditional butter chicken with plant-based kick of chilli and fenugreek. This is an exciting dish with a rich heritage, hailing from 1950 and the founders of the Moti Mahal restaurant in Deli, and made famous by chance, using tandoori chicken in a butter rich and tomato gravy.

Another highlight is the Keema Matar, which transforms the iconic mince and pea combination into a plant-based delight. You’ll get a deeply flavoured spiced curry, cooked in a classic, dry-fry Karai style with cinnamon, bay leaf, onion, and chilli. Try it with a puri for added deliciousness.

Meatless Mince can also be found in the Shami Kebabs – the lentil patties spiced with ginger, green chilli, kewra water and mint, served with pickled red onion and a red pepper chutney on the side.

Speaking of sides, when it comes to accompaniments, look no further than Mushroom Pilau Rice – a simple dish of mushrooms, cumin, and lemon with classic basmati rice.

Michael Hunter, UK Managing Director at Meatless Farm said: “Meatless Farm and Bundobust have great synergy as passionate and creative Northern businesses with a meat-free focus. It made perfect sense to collaborate with them to create their Indian street food vegan specials, allowing us to offer even more delicious plant-based options for customers across Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, this Veganuary and beyond.”

All dishes will be available individually, or as a Bundo Does Meat Combo for Two, available at Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester Piccadilly, and Bundobust Brewery for just £31.

If that wasn’t enough guilt-free goodness, Bundo is also welcoming in an exclusive alcohol-free beer, thanks to a collaboration with low and no specialists, Mash Gang. Brut Luxe, is a special vegan 0.5 percent brew made with Nelson Sauvin hops and white oak on a lager base. Find it on tap at all Bundobusts for a limited time only. Thirsty diners can even add two half pints to their combo and turn it into the limited edition Guilt-Free Combo for Two for just £35.

Another drinks collaboration comes in the form of Cloudwater Soda’s Spiced Fruit Chaat – a low-cal adult soft drink made with mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and Mosaic hops – to the menu. And for anyone looking to banish the winter blues with a cup of something warming, Bundo’s Vegan Chai offers up a comforting blend of oat milk, massala and sugar – plant-based, gluten-free and delicious.