Sustainability Partnerships’ mission is to drive and accelerate the sustainability agenda within the NHS. They bring together NHS professionals and companies with sustainable solutions in regular events to promote collaboration on new ideas and even the uptake of new products within the healthcare system.

Sustainability Partnerships next event, titled ‘Building a Sustainable NHS’, falls in line with World Green Building Week, which is running from Monday 20th to Friday 24th September. WGBW is the world’s largest campaign to accelerate sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere and building resilience. Sustainability Partnerships event will take place on 23rd September at 10am.

“Although the primary goal of the NHS is to protect people's health, in the past five years we’ve seen it has a significant environmental effect. The NHS is estimated to be responsible for 4 to 5% of the country's carbon footprint. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities were built before World War II when sustainability was not considered in planning and construction. Because of the historic infrastructure and structures, many of our healthcare buildings are now facing challenges in fulfilling their sustainability objectives.

"As part of World Green Building Week we have invited a panel of expert speakers to discuss how through collaboration and innovation we can both transform existing buildings and work together on shaping innovations in green construction for a greener future.”
Georgia Halston, Co-Founder of Sustianability Partnerships.

Two speakers have already been announced and a further two will be revealed soon! Current speakers include:

• Colin Bignell, Sales Director at Selectaglaze.
• Matt Paskin, Product and Marketing Director at Whitecroft Lighting.

To learn more about how innovative technologies can help develop sustainability within the NHS’ infrastructure, sign up to the free event here.