Adults in the UK used the TV to escape from the uncertainties of 2020. With the pandemic and political conflicts all over the news, Netflix and Amazon Prime were a welcome distraction. We binge-watched TV shows worldwide and finally watched the classic films we had avoided for years.

However, Ofcom’s annual study revealed that the UK spent a third of their time watching TV and online video in 2020. Our binge-watching habits were taken to a whole new extreme. On average, an individual watched five hours and 40 minutes of TV or online video per day in 2020, which is 47 minutes more than in 2019.

Broadcast TV is a dying sector, and streaming services are growing at an exponential rate. Our subscriptions to streaming services increased to a whopping 31 million in 2020, from just 20 million in 2019. Three in every five homes in the UK were signed up to a streaming service in 2020. In fact, more households had a Netflix subscription than a TV account through cable or satellite.

So, what were the most-watched shows on Netflix in 2020?

There were some fantastic TV shows released in 2020, and Netflix finally released the viewing figures.

Season four of Money Heist attracted a staggering 65 million views and became Netflix’s biggest show of 2020. The Spanish crime drama was closely followed by the wacky Tiger King documentary, starring Joe Exotic and a lot of interesting characters. The show quickly went viral on social media and has been watched 64 mill times. The Queen’s Gambit ranked third with 62 million views and received outstanding reviews from critics.

Too Hot to Handle, Ratched and The Umbrella Academy were also popular on the streaming service and attracted millions of views.

How to maximise your viewing experienced at home

While the kitchen used to be the heart of the home, the living room is quickly taking centre stage.

If you’re going to spend nearly six hours per day watching TV, you may as well optimise your viewing experience. Upgrade your TV to a larger size and higher resolution to create the cinema atmosphere we all know and love. Go for a smart TV to easily access all of your favourite streaming services and more.

You could also install a surround sound system to get the most out of those suspenseful action films. It truly makes all the difference to your viewing experience.

You may as well go all the way and subscribe to some additional streaming services too. Expand your Reality TV collection with a Hayu subscription or invest in the ITV Hub premium package for ad-free viewing of the latest Love Island episode.

Once you have all the tech sorted, you need to find a way to conceal any loose wires and devices. Install a stylish media unit to store items and provide a clutter-free viewing experience. You could redesign the entire living room to maximise the space available.

Choose a cosy colour palette with deep jewel tones and a plush couch to fill the space. Match the coffee table to your media unit and finish the room with a few floor lamps. Light a few candles around the room, make a bucket of popcorn and enjoy your favourite movie.

Make your living room the ultimate relaxation zone and viewing experience.