BPIF Training Limited is pleased to announce the successful outcome of its recent inspection conducted from 1 to 4 August 2023. The inspection underscores the company's commitment to delivering quality education and training while fostering a skilled workforce for the print industry.

The inspection results reflect the company's dedication to providing effective education across all key judgement areas, the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management, and apprenticeship provision. The "Good" rating signifies BPIF Training Limited's steadfast commitment to its mission of equipping the print industry with a capable and adaptable workforce to meet current and future challenges.

BPIF Training Limited extends its gratitude to the apprentices and employers who actively participated in the inspection process. Their valuable insights and contributions have been crucial in achieving these positive results. The company also appreciates the ongoing support of learners and employers who are integral to the company's efforts to raise industry standards.

The inspection findings reaffirm BPIF Training Limited's resolve to ensure the print industry benefits from well-trained staff. The company is determined to build on this momentum and further enhance the quality of its training and apprenticeships, thereby contributing to the growth and success of the print industry.

Offering a range of apprenticeships in different occupational standards and sector subject areas, BPIF Training Limited is deeply involved in various facets of the print industry. The company's training coordinators bring their expertise to the table, offering practical guidance that aligns with industry practices.

BPIF Training Limited's leadership and management have been recognised for their approach in tailoring curricula to cater to individual apprentices' needs and the specific demands of their employers.

Moving forward, BPIF Training Limited remains committed to providing top-tier training and apprenticeships for the print industry. The company will continue to collaborate with apprentices, employers, and stakeholders to foster a skilled workforce that contributes to the industry's development and success.