Traditionally, the UK has been a great place to work. For decades now, people from around the world have travelled to Great Britain to take up jobs in fields as diverse as medicine, farming, hospitality, and forestry. That said, which spot is the best for working in the UK?

There are plenty of lists out there that will detail the best places to visit or the best secret tourist spots in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, but here are some of the best places in the UK to live and pursue a professional career.

London has quite rightly been called a country in its own right, and to some, it already is one. This massive UK city is the original hub for business, having been the centre of the industrial revolution in the late 1700s and early1800s, and continues to be one of the major centres of finance, culture, and style in the world.

In terms of working there, the sheer size of London makes it amazing for work opportunities: any one neighbourhood will have plenty of businesses of all types to choose from.

Manchester may have once had a rough reputation as a deindustrialised wasteland, but these days it is a significant cultural hub with as much to offer as London but without the dizzying size.

Manchester's food and drink scene is outstanding, and of course, it is famous for its connections to sport, but it also has a thriving technology sector as well as an amazing musical history!

To the south of the country, Bristol is a smaller but extremely vibrant city with loads of arts, community, and festivals to boast of. Being less northerly than Manchester, its weather is usually a little more welcoming, too!

Bristol has plenty of perfect little cafes and corners for working remotely. If you're in possession of a laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 Chromebooks are a great example of light and portable computers - you can curl up for hours in a cosy Bristol staple like Little Victories.

Just across the river from Bristol is Wales, where the culture differs just enough from England to be fascinating. A stronghold of theatre, arts, and performance - some of the nation's most beloved actors have come out of Wales - the Welsh culture is as welcoming as its language is wild!

The government in Cardiff is always offering bursaries and funding to businesses that want to invest in the city, so this is a great place for potential start-ups to head to.

Edinburgh is possibly one of the most scenic cities in the UK and certainly the crown jewel of Scotland. Beyond the picturesque scenes of castles and cobblestones, Edinburgh also boasts an amazing host of businesses of all types.

One of the most amazing things Edinburgh has to offer is the annual Fringe Festival, which is the largest comedy and theatre showcase in the world. The Fringe takes over the city for the entire month of August, so if you're involved in production or the creative arts, Edinburgh is the perfect place to work!