Neil Davison organised his annual Community CPR Golf Day at West End Golf Club last Thursday and raised £10,000 which will go towards funding CPR training and defibrillator awareness for charities in Calderdale.

Neil Davidson is a cardiac arrest survivor and his son Oliver performed CPR on him to keep him alive. For this reason, it’s important to Neil to try and make sure as many people as possible know how to perform CPR and know how to use a defib and where the nearest one is.

Fundraiser Neil explained, “The money we raised will be used for charities to have CPR training. The golf day wasn’t just about raising money though, it was about raising awareness too. That’s why we had a CPR demonstration on the 15th hole so golfers could have a go at practicing CPR.”

Details of how local charities can apply to receive CPR training will be announced next month.