A Keighley-based animation studio has donated £1,000 worth of equipment to Bradford-based community interest company, Solidaritech to help refugees and asylum seekers access technology.

Distant Future Animation Studio, animation specialists producing content for businesses including manufacturers, digital agencies and the public sector, has donated equipment including a drawing tablet, computer, mobile phones and a video camera.

Based in Assembly Bradford, Solidaritech wipe and repair tech equipment such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, before allocating them to refugees and asylum seekers to enable them to pursue studies, start businesses or convert existing qualifications to UK standards.

Chief executive Ben McKenna, said: “We’re really grateful to Distant Future Animation Studio for the donation – all of our equipment goes on to a second life. In an age where everything has become disposable, our mission is to help lessen the 50m tonnes of e-waste created in the UK every year, while supporting people who are re-starting their lives in a new country access technology and feel a little more settled.

“Partnering with organisations like Distant Future is a huge part of this and it’s fantastic that they’ve recognised where their unused tech items can move on to.”

The donation is the first of a series planned by the animation studio, which is based in Keighley’s Parkway House.

Managing director of Distant Future Animation Studio, Bill Beaumont, said: “I’d known Ben for a few years through networking, so Solidaritech was a no brainer for us when it came to finding a new home for our unused equipment.

“Rather than sitting in the studio going to waste, it can be cleaned up by the tech team at Solidaritech and go on to help refugees and asylum seekers build up a new life. We’re planning to continue the relationship with the team, donating more equipment where possible as it’s an incredibly worthy cause; the last few years have truly highlighted the importance of coming together as a business community to help others and the Bradford district is a wonderful example of this.”