As part of Acorn Structures commitment to improving event site safety standards, the company is continuing The Event Structures Industry Training Scheme (ESITS) training and accreditation for their employees prior to the start of the 2024 festival, concert, Summer sports and outdoor event season.

ESITS accreditations were established in response to an evident gap in the provision of training for those working specifically in the event industry. Current scaffolder qualification schemes do not meet the skills and competency needs for those working on the vast range of Temporary Demountable Structures installed across many event sites. Acorn was the first event structures company to commit to putting their employees through the different ESITS training and qualification schemes. In early 2023, the company ran the first 1- day General Event Crew Operative (GECO) course followed by the 10 - day Temporary Demountable Structures trainee course and lastly The TDS Technician (Staging) Assessed Route of Entry.

Over recent months, Acorn has helped to facilitate the development of the scheme by becoming the first company to undertake the pilot of the Temporary Demountable Structures Technician 10 - day Course. In addition, as part of their 2024 training investment programme, Acorn continues to put employees through GECO and Temporary Demountable Structures trainee courses.

In an attempt to bring about change and ensure event site safety was improved, Andy Nutter, Acorn’s Co-founder and CEO along with the company’s Technical Director, Igor Pacejs, worked closely with Simian to develop the ESITS qualification. Assisted by Becky Williamson, HR and Payroll Manager and Craig Morland, Construction and Event Manager, in the training co-ordination administration, a key part of any qualification process, Acorn employees have been pivotal in the whole aspect of the ESITS accreditation development. ESITS is overseen by a Board of Governors, Training Committee and Industry Interest Group to ensure the vision and values of the scheme are upheld and the content and quality of it remain industry relevant.

‘We have been working with SIMIAN for almost 20 years’ states Andy Nutter from Acorn’s Head Office near Leeds where the training for the company takes place. ‘We jointly developed System Scaffold training with CISRS which was then adopted by the NASC and the Construction industry. I hope very much that the events industry will join Acorn, and other early adopters of the qualifications IPS and Actavo, to get behind the ESITS qualifications to ensure improved site safety in the temporary event structures sector’ he adds.

Speaking of the continued training, Mike Dean, ESITS Scheme Director commented: “At ESITS, we are thrilled to work with Acorn Events on their mission to upskill their workforce and raise competency standards across the events industry. By providing comprehensive training programs and certifications, we can equip event professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional experiences. Together, we are committed to driving innovation, professionalism, and excellence in Temporary Demountable Structures.”