Yorkshire Sculpture Park hosted a very special visit by the LimbBo Foundation, a Yorkshire-based charity that supports young people and their families, where the youngsters all have a limb difference.

LimbBo families took part in two YSP family favourites ‘Sculptural Adventures’ in the Hidden Forest and ‘Outdoor Sculpture Building, Come Rain Come Shine’, led by artists from YSP’s Learning Team. Learn | Yorkshire Sculpture Park (ysp.org.uk)

LimbBo Trustee Jane Hewitt said: “YSP really does put its inclusion promise into action and that was so clear on our visits. I was so pleased to see visitors to both workshops, who were originally totally separate to our families, interacting and playing with our children as well as chatting to parents. One family approached me after the sculpture building session to ask where we were based and did we need any volunteers!

“Our children loved the activities and the fact that they were able to relax and be with their peers. The younger children who attended the Hidden Forest left smiling, tired and paint splattered! Two of the children had never met another limb different child and this is invaluable to our families,” she added.

YSP’s Informal Learning Manager, Emma Spencer said: “We hope by welcoming our LimbBo families on a regular basis this will build confidence for them to come back independently. YSP continually strives to be an inclusive destination for everyone and the fact the children were able to explore, create, play and make new friends, made it a perfect day for everyone.”