And so it rumbles on, I wonder when there will be an end to Covid-19 and we will be able to resume our normal way of life. I for one miss meeting people in person and having a drink with friends and colleagues. Still, here at TopicUK we remain healthy so we should be thankful for that.

I spent lockdown working, as well as making some home improvements, one of which was a new office. I have been spending more time in my home office which was well overdue for a makeover and I am delighted that after weeks of upheaval, it's finally complete.


I am delighted that the next edition of TopicUK will publish on Friday this week. As well as distributing free across the region as usual, we are thrilled that we will now be mailing copies to 500 managing directors of the top 500 Yorkshire businesses. The edition that features Leeds City Council CEO Tom Riordan, also has an antibacterial coating on its cover, helping to keep our readers safe. If you would like to receive a copy by subscription, do get in touch at

I am also pleased to announce that the very first Yorkshire Businesswoman magazine will publish at the end of November. Initially this will be digital, but we do hope to be able to print copies by Spring 2021. If you are a businesswoman in Yorkshire do check out our website and drop us a line telling us about your business.

This first magazine features some brilliant entrepreneurs from our region and has lots of business news as well as a sprinkling of lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

I would like to welcome three new partners this edition. Halstead Marketing; Walking with My Bear and LeulyPR. We look forward to sharing all their news with our readers.

I hope you enjoy our new edition.