I have been asked by the media in Yorkshire to issue a statement following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

"In common with the vast majority of people in the country, I have a feeling of sadness and emptiness following the untimely death of our Queen." I was privileged to meet her on a number of occasions and retain a memory of each in particular her warmth, her breath of knowledge and sense of fun.

It’s almost impossible to believe that after 70 years of dedicated service to the Country that in her early life she was not destined to be Queen. Yet, having found herself thrust into the role of Monarch, for 70 years she has remained true to her promise to serve the people of this Country and the Commonwealth.

I feel a hole has opened in my life, as I am sure many do. It will take time to adjust, and we will never forget the stability she brought.

King Charles the Third becomes Monarch at a time of domestic and global challenges. I sure the wisdom he will have gained from the late Queen will have prepared him well.

God Save the King."