Staff training is an important part of modern business. Most of your new hires should join your company with extensive knowledge of their job role; however, that doesn’t always mean that they are ready to begin.

A new work environment takes time to adjust, which is why staff training is necessary. But this isn’t the only time when your staff should undergo some workplace training. Read on to find out more about the staff training process to find out what you need to be doing as a business leader in the modern age.

What Is The Purpose Of Employee Training?
You will find a need for workplace training many times throughout the year. New staff members need to be brought up to speed with how things work at your company, and therefore, your HR team should take them through some basic points. However, the most important reason behind staff training is to introduce them to some new tech.

As computer technology advances, you will bring in these new systems to keep your company up to date. Unfortunately, your staff isn’t going to be familiar with this tech, and this unfamiliarity can cause errors during their regular routine. Therefore, you should always mark out a day to perform this training. But when should this happen?

When Should Your Staff Train?
The normal timeframe in which to undertake staff training is usually one month before the change happens. This gives your employees the chance to learn the new information while also providing them with time to process it. What’s more, they can always come to you with any problems or queries before the tech is introduced.

As for location, you should always provide the training in-house during normal working hours. Also, the business must pay for any staff training.

Can Staff Train Themselves?
The chance to learn new skills shouldn’t always be at the discretion of the company that you work for. Sometimes, you may feel like you need to refresh some old skills or learn something that may aid you in your current role. As such, it is normal for employees to undergo training of their own accord.
There are several e-learning courses at iHASCO that can bring your skills in line with the modern workplace, and some of these courses may just be of interest to you without affecting your job. However, it is worth discussing any training with your boss as they may well feel it necessary to pay for anything that the company can benefit from.

Can Staff Refuse Training?
There may be times when you feel that a day of employee training would be of no benefit to you. However, there are certain training procedures that companies must administer to work in accordance with British law. Therefore, you cannot refuse this type of training. Although, there are specific times when you can opt-out of these sessions.

Any staff member that feels that they are being singled out because of external factors can refuse to undergo training courses enforced by the company. Unfortunately, you will need to provide evidence for this mistreatment. That is the only example where employees can refuse mandatory work training.

Work training should be a positive experience for both the employer and the employee. Follow the guidelines above and you should achieve this experience without any issues.