Taking on the responsibility of fostering a child is certainly going to come with its own set of challenges and benefits. If you are considering fostering a child, then it can be useful to spend some time learning more about the perks there are to the position. The list below outlines just some of the perks that come from fostering children in the UK.

1. Gain a Fulfilling Career
One of the most noticeable perks of becoming a foster parent in the UK is that it is one of the most fulfilling careers you can take on. Fostering a child gives you the ability to welcome someone in need into your family. Over time, with enough attention, support, and love, you can help this child to become happier and healthier. Being able to see a child come out of their shell and over time and become more confident and happier is sure to be one of the most rewarding experiences out there. **

2. Support
As a foster parent, there is a host of support available to you that you can use to help you and the child during the fostering process. For example, you will find that the FCA offer local support activities and arrangements. This means that if you are fostering in Nottingham, it will be easy for you to find a range of support on your doorstep - everything from safeguarding training, local social activities, and events.

Of course, as a foster parent, you will not only be eligible for social support, but financial support too. You will likely be earning approximately £435 per child per week, and since foster parents are regarded as self-employed, you will also be eligible for tax relief too, along with other benefits.

3. Personal Development
Fostering a child can come with its own set of unique challenges that will test you and teach you things every single day. Not only will you learn a lot from your foster child, but you will learn more about yourself as you respond to challenges. You will also be encountering other people in the care profession, such as social workers or caseworkers. All of these interactions and challenges will help you with your personal development.

4. Help the Community
When you are fostering, you are not only making a positive impact on the child that you are taking into your home, but on the whole community. Care homes are under a lot of pressure with an only limited capacity which means the more people that can foster the better. Being a foster parent can also help biological parents that are no longer able to cope or that need a break.

5. Helping a Child
The most influential and meaningful benefit of fostering a child in the UK is the impact that you will be able to have on that child’s life. As a foster parent, you will likely to be taking on a vulnerable child and providing them with the stable, supportive, and loving home they need to grow. Being able to give this opportunity to a child, to have a positive impact on them today and in the future, is sure to be the biggest perk of becoming a foster parent in the UK today. **