, the York based online pet pharmacy, will surpass £1million in sales this month, in just its second year of trading.

The stratospheric growth is attributed to pet owners feeling the cost of living pinch.

In a bid to avoid more costly options, they’re turning in their thousands to online pet pharmacies like VetMediUK to counteract the high cost of prescriptions.

Since launching in 2020 during the pandemic, VetMediUK has seen sales rise by over 3000%, with thousands of customers flocking to get better value on pet medication and healthcare.

Dr Charlotte Inness, the Yorkshire vet who set up VetMediUK, says: “We created the business to bring trusted medicines to pets and their owners at a fraction of the price.

“We want to make veterinary healthcare more affordable for customers. Since we launched, we’ve focussed 110% on what our customers are asking for, which is a reliable, professional service and products delivered safely to their doorstep.”

VetMediUK is an online pet pharmacy, born out of Charlotte's passion for ensuring animals receive the highest quality care and medications.

The platform offers a diverse range of veterinary medicines, supplements, and pet care essentials, all carefully curated to meet the unique needs of furry companions.

From prescription medication to preventive treatments, horse, cat and dog owners can access's products by simply uploading a prescription on the site.

VetMediUK is the culmination of Charlotte’s years of dedication as a practicing vet in Yorkshire.