Under the new Tier 3 restrictions enforced across most of Yorkshire, theatres, live music venues and other places of indoor entertainment will remain closed, but it seems marcomms professionals are keeping the performing arts flame alive.

In a recent questionnaire carried out by innovation marketing agency ThinkOTB, a quarter of Yorkshire’s marketing and communications professionals revealed their inner creative type was that of a ‘performer’.

Despite working in one of the most creative sectors there is, 25% admitted that their hobbies outside of work didn’t involve being traditionally creative whatsoever.

Instead, they found music and art stimulated their thinking, and were big fans of stage performances.

The results signal hope that once live entertainment resumes, people will emerge to show their support as Yorkshire’s performing arts industry attempts to recover from the economic fallout of COVID-19.

The questionnaire titled ‘What Type of Creative Are You’, was developed by creatives at ThinkOTB in a bid to get people to understand how their perception of things and the things they find interesting influences their creativity inside and outside of the workplace.

People were profiled based upon the five creative types featured in Tina Catling and Mark Davies’ popular book ‘Think!’.

Participants were asked a series of questions related to their interests outside of work and how others viewed their creative flare.

By answering yes or no to each question, they were able to determine whether they were Imaginators, Performers, Visualists, Inquisitors, or Adventurers.

Commenting on the why of the questionnaire, Dave Easton creative director at ThinkOTB said: “Everyone is intrinsically creative, but the way in which they create and solve problems differs from person to person.

“Cognitive diversity should be valued in every workplace and understanding the varying types of creative you work with can reap great benefits.

“It helps generate better ideas, improved ways of working, and it results in more decisiveness meaning you get to those winning ideas much faster.”

Almost 500 professionals working in different sectors from across the UK took part in the questionnaire, intrigued to uncover their true inner creative.

Of the 10% of respondents who were based in Yorkshire and working in the marcomms industry, 35% were found to be visualists, 25% performers, 24% inquisitors, 11% adventurers and 5% imaginators.

Jo Waddington, managing director at ThinkOTB added: “As marketing and communications professionals, we’re often labelled as creatives without truly understanding what that means.

“Our questionnaire was designed to help people across all industries understand that so that they may begin to understand their own creative abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and work better together based on their creative types.”

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As a team of eclectic creatives, they amplify the effectiveness of both innovation and marketing, looking at issues from both perspectives to accelerate the impact of consumer-centric innovation and measurably improve the influence of businesses marketing.

To view the full results from the survey, please visit https://www.outsidethebox.co.uk/blog/the-most-popular-types-of-creatives-across-the-uk/.