Yorkshire Men Keeping Romance Alive This Valentine’s

Amid the growing craze for Valentine Day celebrations, a survey from Meadowhall shopping Centre has revealed that men are the most generous when it comes to buying treats for loved ones.

In a poll of South Yorkshire men and women, it transpired that on average, men spend £83.00 compared to a thrifty £37.50 for women, revealing a Valentine’s Day spending gap of 54%.

However, while women may be more frugal, the survey also revealed that the fairer sex were more willing to stump up the cash earlier on in a relationship, with participants claiming they would treat their loved one as early as 3 months in. Men on the other hand said they wouldn’t buy a significant other a Valentine’s gift until 6 months down the line.

Popular gifts bought by men included perfume, meals out, flowers and chocolates, while women opted for more personal gifts like clothes, grooming items and ‘lifetime experiences’.

However, the most coveted gifts were jewellery and spa treatments for women, and tech gadgets and dining out for men. The worst gifts to receive were practical items like kitchen utensils or cleaning equipment.

The survey also revealed 84% of women said they would be disappointed to receive nothing on the 14th, compared to just 26% of men. And 15% of participants admitted to forgetting about the day altogether.

The younger generation of 18-30 year olds were the biggest romantics, with men aged 20-25 coming out on top, while women aged 55-60 were the most cynical of the bunch.

Darren Pearce, Meadowhall Centre Director, said: “I think that Yorkshire men are certainly doing their bit to keep romance alive across the region this Valentine’s Day.

“We always see a spike in last minute shopping on February 13 and even on the day itself, with more men than usual on the malls buying gifts for loved ones- but whether the gifts have been thought out for months or quick little pick-me-ups we like to think it’s the thought that really counts!”

This Valentine’s, Meadowhall is offering extra special surprises, with customers being treated to a live mariachi band on the malls, and ‘random acts of kindness’ sure to add a little fun and romance to shopping trips for both single or loved up visitors this Valentine’s.