Intelligence Forums are pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Madeley ‘Mr Yorkshire’ as their Thought Innovation Coordinator for Yorkshire.

Keith Madeley says “Having already established a working relationship with Intelligence Forums through my role as Chairman of the Unity Club, it is with delight that I have become directly involved with their mission of creating a greater link between Parliament and business and connecting Yorkshire in particular with the South and Midlands. I have a passion for linking business and education and Intelligence Forums aims of greater Public and Private collaboration build on this desire.

"My connections enable me to engage with financial power to invest in business to create hope and opportunity for the wider Society”.

Intelligence Forums were founded in 2007 by Harry Corbett. Harry spent his career in the Financial Services sector. He now spends his time researching speakers from the political class, economists and business leaders. His passion is for London to be more sensitive to the success cases that take place in the rest of Britain.

Harry Corbett comments “The Intelligence Forums team is delighted to have Keith Madeley as our Thought Innovation Coordinator in Yorkshire. We have been fortunate to have had a great deal of assistance from Keith (Thought Innovation Coordinator) as well as Colin Saville who is our Yorkshire Honorary Member. Intelligence Forums is a business forum that has a business network in Bristol, Yorkshire, the Midlands, London and soon Edinburgh.

The opportunity that has arisen out of the Coronavirus crisis for Intelligence Forums, is the monthly webinar that we have started as a result of not being able to run live forums. The Intelligence Forums webinar provides a connectivity to the Intelligence Forums business network as far North as Edinburgh and as far south as Brighton.

We will when circumstances allow us to engage in live forums again, be continuing with the monthly webinar.