Yorkshire based movement teacher joins global brand

Entrepreneur and mum of three from Yorkshire, Louisa Thomas (pictured right), has been appointed Director of Education for the international brand, Restore Your Core.

Launched three years ago by internationally recognised movement teacher Lauren Ohayon (pictured left), Restore Your Core (RYC) is a full body exercise programme used by thousands of women worldwide to improve their core health and alleviate pelvic floor issues.

Louisa, a rehabilitation-focussed yoga and Pilates instructor, has first-hand experience of the benefits of the RYC programme having used it to heal her own abdominal separation after the birth of her third child, despite being told by health professionals that it would not heal without corrective surgery.

In 2017 Louisa became one of only 10 women in the UK to qualify as a certified RYC teacher. That number has now reached 80 around the world, with approximately 10,000 women using the online version of the programme.

As part of her new role Louisa will work alongside Lauren to deliver teacher training courses in Miami and London, and Sydney in 2020. She will be responsible for providing ongoing business support and professional development to qualified RYC teachers, as well as curriculum development.

“I am very excited to join Restore Your Core. The UK is really behind when it comes to post-natal care and women’s core health with many health care professionals knowing very little about conditions such as prolapse and being quick to prescribe surgery. Restore Your Core is passionate about changing these attitudes and I feel proud to be involved,” Louisa said.

“An important aspect of my role will be to raise awareness of the programme amongst health professionals and to equip them with practical and applicable tools that they can use when working with women who have core and pelvic floor issues.”

Lauren Ohayon commenting on Louisa’s appointment said: “Louisa has such passion and drive for the work that she does as a movement teacher and has experienced first-hand the benefits of the Restore your Core programme. I know that she will be a huge asset to the brand. This is a very exciting time for us with the number of teachers growing all the time and the programme continuing to gather momentum with women across the world.”

Louisa’s interest in wellness and movement began over 15 years ago whilst travelling in South Asia and she completed her teacher training course at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, south India.  She is passionate about empowering and informing people to take charge of their health and wellness, and is particularly passionate about working with women during pregnancy and the post-natal period.