An author who was asked to advise the government on business failure has won a prestigious national award for his book which helps SMEs dealing with tough times.

Andrew Miller penned ‘Hope won’t pay the wages’, after the last recession to help entrepreneurs cope with the trauma and personal impact of a struggling business – advice that’s become very relevant for many over the past year.

As a result, the Normanton-based author’s book was announced in the Editors Choice Top Three Books of 2020 by Business Game Changer Magazine.

As part of his research, Miller interviewed small business owners who had lost everything and examined the challenges they faced, the emotional toll it caused and the advice they would give to those going through the same thing now.

Working as an insolvency practitioner before moving into personal development, Andrew has spent the past ten years as a business coach and therapist at Business Enjoyment, dedicating his time to helping small business owners manage the stresses involved in running their businesses.

He said: ‘Losing a business can be like losing a child. The emotional trauma is not fully appreciated and there is still a huge amount of social stigma attached to insolvency. Without the right support, the impact on an entrepreneur’s mental health is immense.’

‘I have been told that this book prevented at least one person from taking their own life so, whilst winning this award is great recognition, the main aim is that no-one should ever feel that they have to cope alone – whether that's in business or life.

‘There are so many things outside of our control, so it is as much about how we react to stressful situations as it is about having the perfect business. Ultimately, if you're not enjoying what you do, I believe you need to question why you run your own business and consider alternative paths.’

Andrew Miller is the author or co-author of eight different books, the most recent of which was an international bestseller, reaching number one in 11 countries.