Malton-based commercial cleaning firm, 4serve, has invested £80,000 in state-of-the-art biological decontamination and infection control equipment, shipped from America.

After losing 70% of their commercial cleaning contracts following lockdown, the team immediately began to research how they could use their skills to stay in business and protect the future jobs of their furloughed staff across the cleaning company and sister-company, water cooler service provider, Aquapoint.

The specialist kit called the Steramist system, arrived at the business premises just outside York within a few weeks, and six staff members are now fully trained in carrying out biological decontamination and infection control services within any building. Steramist provides an effective disinfection by misting with ionised Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP), created by a powerful electrical arc within the distribution nozzle. A low concentration solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) leaves no harmful residues. The 4serve team is now able to decontaminate any building, and have it back in operation within the hour.

Managing Director of 4serve, Patrick Wilkinson, comments: “We’ve overcome all sorts of challenges in over 30 years of running businesses, but when we were faced with no other path in March, we had to remember we have always taken a ‘sew the parachute on the way down’ approach! We took the decision to invest in the equipment and training we needed, to best support other businesses to begin operating safely again.

“As one of only two companies in the UK using the Steramist system, we’re confident there is no better or more effective surface treatment for eradicating viruses. It’s ideal for cleaning areas where workers are in closest proximity to each other, such as washrooms and canteens and will be vital to not only protect the public, but the employees keeping those businesses running.

“We’re working with all sorts of clients such as schools, care homes, retail stores and the transport sector, all of which face huge challenges in not only getting ready to operate again, but maintaining the same high levels of cleanliness following an increase in footfall or indeed, a case of infection.”

These new specialist cleaning services are available to businesses based in the north of England, and 4serve hopes to help companies get back on their feet. Patrick adds: “As businesses begin to open, it’s important for leaders to ask ’will my customers feel safe? And what will they expect our business or service to do to keep them safe?’ The same applies for employees, who need equal protection and reassurance. There are similar looking services which can be confusing, but those methods have nowhere near the same proven effectiveness in eradicating viruses and bacteria as the Steramist system.”