At TopicUK we regularly visit the theatre and review performances for our readers. During the pandemic, this is something I have missed, regular trips to The Grand Theatre and Leeds Playhouse. But when will they be allowed to reopen?

As pubs, bars, restaurants and other leisure venues open this weekend, have our theatres been forgotten? Cinemas have been allowed to open, so why not theatres? I understand it is because of the music and singing, but could there not be some sort of clear screen placed between the mask wearing audience and the cast?

We have to think of not just the actors who rely on working for their income but the crew, lighting, scenery, sound engineers and of course the theatres themselves who have to pay their staff and most of our theatres such as The Grand in Leeds and Wakefield Theatre are beautiful old buildings that cost a lot of money to maintain them. I do hope someone is able to find a solution to open our theatres very soon.

Staying on the subject, I know many people are desperate to get away on holiday this year but is it a risk to fly? As airlines have started flying again, could the solution be that people are tested when they arrive at the airport for their flight and if negative off they go, if positive they head for home. On returning from their holiday they are tested again at the airport and if negative they fly, if positive, the airline pays for a budget hotel at the airport for them to quarantine for 2 weeks. Is this not cheaper for the airlines to get people flying again and passengers can be safe in the knowledge that everyone on the flight has tested negative, therefore flying safely? I for one would favour the staycation. I would rather spend my money in the UK helping our economy to recover rather than supporting the economies of other countries.

We are delighted that our next edition will be going to print. We have spoken with our printers who are going to coat the cover of each edition with a special antibacterial coating to help ensure the safety of our readers. Watch out for the edition at the end of July.

We are delighted that The Piece Hall, Yorkshire Payments, Ad:Venture, CityFibre, University of Law and Community Foundation for Calderdale have resigned partner contracts with us and that we can continue to share their news and promote them for another 12 months. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our partners for their continued support during difficult times, we have and will continue to work hard to keep their businesses at the forefront of what we do.

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Stay safe