There’s a growing buzz about new tech platform Worker Bee and Yorkshire based managing director Robert Lorne wants you to be a part of it.

Robert is launching a new app which will revolutionise the job market for employers seeking temporary staff.

It will connect employers and workers on demand and at a fraction of the cost of standard recruitment agencies. Worker Bee’s fee is 8% compared to the 10-25% usually charged in this sector.

The easy-to-use technology will also take away the hassle and uncertainty of what skills and strengths new recruits have to offer thanks to the app’s ratings and reviews section which can be completed by employers and employees at the end of each job.

This means value and transparency for all users.

Job centres throughout Yorkshire have agreed to trial it – that’s 150,000 users at launch. Plus, Worker Bee has the backing of a nationally known delivery company, impressed by the speed and savings the app offers.
Now entrepreneur Robert is looking for investors to join him in changing the face of recruitment in the UK.

"I know the app is a good idea and the feedback I’ve had from businesses has been fantastic. Along with my team we’ve worked hard on the concept, but now we need to raise £120,000 in operating costs to ensure the app is the success I know it will be, says Robert, 33.

"There is so much potential for Worker Bee both nationally and internationally which is why it’s such a great investment opportunity."