Visit of Dr Aman Puri Consul General India to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Aman Puri Consul General of India was extended a gracious welcome from Julian Hartley, Chief Executive, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, David Berridge, Medical Director, Operations & Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Roy Charlton, Head of Commercial.

Accompanied by Chairman of YABA Amarjit Singh and Director Sharon Jandu, the visit was a  unique opportunity to explore the potential for India and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to capitalise on each other’s strengths in healthcare delivery, research and innovation.

Following in-depth discussion of the current situation of healthcare provision in both India, and the UK , Consul General  Dr Puri was given an extensive tour including an insight into the ‘Future of Hospitals’ presentation.

The visit signified the importance attributed by India to supporting healthcare collaboration with the UK.  ‘YABA has a role to facilitate  mutually beneficial opportunities’, said Amarjit Singh Chairman of YABA.