With the lockdown in full effect, Sheffield-based business, ‘Open House Pictures’, have launched a Video Marketing Relief Scheme in an effort to support businesses. The scheme offers discounted video editing services to companies still trying to grow and maintain their online presence. Providing full support packages on how to film and market the video with the editing taken care of.

The relief scheme has been launched through Enterprise Nations’ ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign on the Crowdfunder website. Discounts of up to 36% over a wide array of packages to cover as many marketing needs as possible. Businesses are all turning to online content to promote themselves, the time has never been greater to utilise high quality video content. Running until the 29th of May, companies have a unique opportunity to bag reduced rates and get videos online.

Daniel Bale, co-founder of Open House Pictures, said: “The scheme itself is about supporting businesses still fighting to grow and develop despite the lockdown."

"There’s more opportunity now than ever to get yourself heard on social media yet a lot of businesses are struggling to make it work.

"It’s important for the work we do to have an impact beyond just sustaining our business. If even one company benefits from the scheme, then it’s a step in the right direction."

Services are currently offered until the 11am on the 29th May and can be access currently at an unlimited capacity on the Crowdfunder website: crowdfunder.co.uk/video-marketing-relief.

The process is simple, the user finds the reward (video package) they wish to buy, they then click ‘Select Reward’ which redirects them to a payment page. From there they enter their details and purchase the package. Open House Pictures then gets in touch to discuss what the customer is wanting and the next steps in the service.