Vale of Mowbray, the UK’s number one pork pie brand, has revealed a fresh new look and a raft of new products to add to its growing product portfolio as it continues with its plans to completely modernise the pork pie industry.

The rebrand, which is the biggest undertaken by the company to date, takes inspiration from its 200-year history and Yorkshire location and is part of the brand’s ambitious plans to grow the business. The playful 1920s art-deco-style font provides a nod to when pie production began at the Vale of Mowbray factory in 1928 and the dry-stone wall plays on the brand’s Yorkshire heritage. While pies first went into production at Vale of Mowbray in the early 20th century, the brand origins actually date back all the way to 1795.

The iconic pie maker, which boasts an average annual turnover of £24 million, has committed around £3m of investment into the brand for NPD and revolutionise the brand. The rebrand and new product innovations signal this investment hitting the shelves, however it also saw the company undertake extensive market research to profile the needs and wants of the contemporary consumer. Vale of Mowbray has no plans of slowing down, with more exciting new products planned for the coming months, as well as new environmentally friendly packaging initiatives.

Producing 80 million pies a year, Vale of Mowbray certainly knows how to make a good pie and its current product portfolio boasts an enviable range from its large Grosvenor and County slicing Pies right down to snack and mini sizes, perfect for on the go.

The addition of three flavours; two ‘mini’ packs featuring Pork & Apple and, Pork, Cheese & Pickle meant for snacking and sharing, as well as a new medium Pork & Caramelised Onion Pie with a lattice lid, ideal for picnics. Each pie is an innovation for the brand and expected to go down a treat with pie fans. Taking a twist on classic flavour combinations and combining with the iconic hot water pastry and finest cuts of pork for truly mouth-watering snacking.

Mark Gatenby, managing director commented: “This is the biggest rebrand that we have ever undertaken, I’m so pleased to see the new branding come together and inject a new lease of life into these iconic pork pies!

“The three new flavours are hitting selected stores as we speak, and the new packaging will be on shelves across Morrison’s, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA and CO-OP. This rebrand and launch of innovative flavours is a big step towards an exciting future for Vale of Mowbray.

“I am confident that as we remain fully tuned in to the demands of the modern consumer, that our fresh new branding, exciting flavours and NPD and our plans to launch environmentally friendly packaging that we can revolutionise the ready-made pork pie industry.”

The branding and packaging design was created by Leeds based CHILLI. It’s managing director, David Whittle said: We wanted to inject modernity into the brand identity but allow the font to deliver a bold confident and established feel. The new packaging which will deliver improved shelf stand out uses a modern suite of colours but keeps a nod to its Yorkshire roots with the stonewall graphic.”