UK’s first self-drive mini shoppers launch at White Rose

White Rose Shopping Centre has become the UK’s first leisure and retail venue to offer self-driving mini shoppers for its young customers.

Launching to the public this week, the self-drive electric shopping cars can transport children aged 18 months-5 years old to any destination in the centre without any assistance in steering or driving. It means that parents can stroll alongside and, instead of pushing the car, are free to carry their shopping bags in comfort.

Fitted with sensors that manoeuvre the car away from any oncoming objects, the mini-shoppers can reach a max speed of 3 miles per hour, the average human walking speed, and come with an elevated basket for storing shopping bags.

An on-board touch-screen computer shows the route and estimated arrival time at the chosen destination, and can be altered to drive the user to any one of the 120 retailers, restaurants or cinema within the centre.

Nikki Appleton, Marketing Manager of White Rose Shopping Centre, said: “A day of shopping can be a busy and tiring experience for both adults and children, so we wanted to bring something brand new to our White Rose customers that would help make shopping easier for grown-ups, and more exciting for youngsters.

“We’re incredibly excited to be the UK’s first place to offer self-driving mini-shoppers. With its unique self-driving manoeuvrability, clever and kid-proof on-board computer and slow and steady speed, it’s a fun, relaxing and safe way for children and parents to explore the malls with ease.”

The UK’s first self-drive mini shoppers will be available to hire from April 1st from the Customer Service Desk for £4 per hour or £6 for 2 hours.