Tech investment and the use of no code are two very pertinent topics in the world of start-ups. The immense speed at which founders are able to bring their ideas to life and then pivot on the spot with no code is staggering, and the investment firms of the land are more than aware of how this adds tremendous value to propositions.

Below are two immensely exciting events, brought to you by No Code Lab [] a tech initiative from Panintelligence that cover these two facets greatly. Find the answers by signing up today.

No Code Heroes: TAAP – Nov 12th []

This event is the first in the No Code Heroes series and will see an in depth account of the current and future uses of no and low code solutions from experts in the field: TAAP.

Steve Higgon, CEO of the 17-year-old no code solutions firm will delve into the many industries whose digitalisation processes can be rapidly accelerated by the use of no code methods. He’ll also touch on the growing complexity of their no code capabilities with some real-world examples from their list of many, varied projects.

Steve will then introduce James Canham, Business Unit Manager Technical Inspection Services at Intertek, one of their ongoing, longstanding clients who will give an account of their no code journey, from their first foray into no code with TAAP to the innovations they’re working on now and what they’re planning for the future.

The event will be rounded off with an opportunity for you to pose your questions to the speakers in a panel session chaired by the Founder of the No Code Lab: Zandra Moore.

No Code's Place in the Future of Tech Investment – Nov 19th []

For the second event in the month, brought to you by the No Code Lab, they’re bringing together the brightest minds in tech investment to discuss the role that No Code solutions are playing in both the development of proof of concepts for investment pitches and the increase in investment in no code solutions themselves.

No Code solutions are being used by tech start-ups, particularly those who aspire to be SaaS vendors, to build out working proof-of-concepts to wow seed and series A investors. We’re also seeing platforms and solutions with no code at their heart being carried through as MVPs, being brought to market for proof of appetite for new and disruptive tech, piquing the interest of more serious backing; series B and onwards. The roundtable guests will be invited to discuss the pros and cons of using a no code base for investment goals, from speed to delivery and deployment to re-platforming later down the line.

The second element to the no code investment conversation lies in the ravenous growth of the movement itself and the growing interest in backing no code start-ups. The event will conclude with each of our guests offering their predictions on the many meanders in the valley the no code deluge will is likely to carve through the tech investment landscape.

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