City TV broadcaster, Made Television has rebranded as Telly McTellyface as it extends congratulations to Boaty McBoatface on landing the gig as the new name for a high tech undersea vehicle.

All four of Made Television’s city channels, Made in Bristol, Made in Cardiff, Made in Leeds and Made in Tyne & Wear will be renamed Telly McTellyface, with the logo changed both online and on air.

Boaty McBoatface was voted the official name choice for the new multi-million pound research vessel after the internet was asked for ideas. However the decision was made by Officials today to instead name the ship RRS Sir David Attenborough.

Made Television CEO and Founder, Jamie Conway said: “We hereby rename the good ship Made Television to ‘Telly McTellyface’ as a salute to the great British sense of humour and all who sail her.”

‘Telly McTellyface’ is available on Freeview 7, Sky Guide 117 and Virgin 159 in Bristol, Leeds and Tyne & Wear, and Cardiff on Freeview 8, Sky Guide 134 and Virgin 159.