The innovative Wizards Magic Chocolate is launching a new range: The Wizards Immunity Chocolate. Packed full of a days’ worth of vitamins D3 and K2, plus antioxidants that support healthy immune systems, the new chocolate contains sugar and dairy, and the promise of delivering an incredible taste.

The Wizards Magic began its journey with its Magic Chocolate range which is gluten free, dairy free, plant based with only 1% sugar launching in retailers such as Ocado and BP with other major retail launches confirmed for 2021.

The company has always been focused on being a next generation chocolate company that prides itself on its ability to innovate, which is why they have turned their hand to a new, more conventional chocolate offering with their Wizards Immunity range which has sugar and dairy in the recipe. Most importantly the chocolate also includes: Vitamin D3 which supports the body’s calcium absorption and bone health, with Vitamin K2 contributing to blood and heart health. Antioxidants are a staple in the healthy-eating market, removing free-radicals and helping the body be the best it can be.

Charlie, a former England professional rugby player and someone who wants to eat healthily and stay on top of his fitness, has successfully launched a number of healthy snacks and drinks, and these new indulgent immunity bars fill a gap in the market for better for you full sugar and dairy chocolate, with the vitamin boost. Charlie adds: “We know there will always be a place for those that want to indulge in traditional chocolate after a long day which is why we wanted Wizards to enter this space but stay true to its ideals around innovation and standing out from ordinary everyday products. Thus, The Wizards Immunity range was born with consumers now having the ability to indulge in an incredible tasting chocolate but also top up on key vitamins that support their immune system at the same time.”

Charlie Simpson-Daniel’s winning track record in the food industry includes his first business venture Kings Elite Snacks going from start-up in 2014 to market leader, supplying all the major retailers in 2018, before selling to a global snacks group for £20m+. Charlie and his team, in keeping with their core brand values, have also developed a Wizards CBD Chocolate which will be hitting the market later this year.