The UK is being swamped with beauty waste

With the beauty industry topping the charts when it comes to highstreet growth, the number of beauticians has increased by an impressive 40% in the UK*. However, with such an increase in demand, comes a downside that isn’t always considered. According to new data revealed by Rebecca Crawforth, founder of professional beauty tool manufacturer Navy Pro, the rise in beauticians and stylists in the UK to over 260,000 workers has resulted in a harmful 1.3 million beauty tools being sent to landfill as waste each month.

The waste epidemic is so bad, that within just one year, the number of discarded beauty tools could stretch the distance of Paris to Edinburgh. The stats have shocked Rebecca so much, that she has launched a new sustainable beauty tool business, designed to reduce waste and improve the standards of tools both in the UK and globally. The Navy Pro range has set a new industry standard in beauty tools and hygiene, so revolutionary that even the technicians of the Kardashian’s and Oprah are using them. With the new range including high standard, vegan and cruelty free, professional tools for brow, lash and nail technicians.

Rebecca comments: “The amount of wastage in the beauty industry is truly shocking, and as more of us invest in beauty treatments, it’s essential that we make every effort to become more ethical in the choices we make. The UK is flooded with sub-standard tools that end up in landfill sites up and down the country in a matter of weeks. It has to change. I saw an opportunity to address this, and so my businesses is designed to address the issue and provide an eco-friendly option for conscientious consumers.”

Based in Yorkshire, Rebecca has searched tirelessly to find a manufacturer that would meet her need for exceptional quality and longevity. The former beautician convinced a local manufacturer based in Sheffield, the home of steel, to take a punt and explore the visible gap in the market, Rebecca felt confident she could establish and grow an authentic and ethical brand made from the highest quality materials the industry has to offer. As a result, the new British Standard range of tools are made using a unique titanium coating, making them durable and hygienic. As well as an improved quality, any sample tools Navy Pro manufacture are gifted to local beauty colleges and women refuges.

Working with the family-run Sheffield manufacturer, with decades of experience, Rebecca has hand-picked and perfected each innovative tool for the ‘Navy’ range. The titanium coating of the range gives each tool added strength and durability, with the added benefit that bacteria is unable to adhere to it – it also gives them their signature gold colouring.

The range is already proving popular with beauty fans in the UK and abroad, with beauticians to household names including Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hayley Bieber all jumping on the Navy Pro hype.