Thanks to the launch of a new video networking platform, those participating in online meetings will soon be able to report and remove people who don’t show respect or abide by the rules.

On March 1st, Yorkshire-based Meeow will launch ‘The New World of Meeow’, an artificially intelligence video networking platform built with features to enable users to become part of a supportive virtual business community in a safe and secure way.

The platform, which is version two of their popular video networking beta platform, comes equipped with an anonymous report button for users to signal to admin that someone is being disrespectful or not abiding by the rules of networking.

The development comes at the perfect time following news that the popular Jackie Weaver had to assert her authority via zoom with those attendees who were showing lack of respect.

Chris Rabbit, co-founder of Meeow said: “It’s overwhelmingly the case that online networking is a fun, safe and enjoyable experience but, when things do go wrong, it’s really important that those affected have a way to make their feelings known or, in extreme cases, to remove the offenders from the meeting. No one needs to go through what Jackie went through”

Created in response to the COVID lockdown, Meeow – a shortened version of Meet Now - is an opportunity to meet new prospects or business partners in a way that goes way beyond traditional business networking forums.

The unique video networking platform enables four strangers to be matched online to discuss business issues, problems, the weather; anything they like.

The platform’s enhanced features present a choice at the end of the hour to connect on LinkedIn, move the chat to a private room, or go their separate ways.

What’s more, as it’s 24/7 users can jump on wherever and whenever they like, meaning there is a potential for two users in the UK to log on and connect with two other users in the US to chat for an hour.

Simon Glenn, co-founder of Meeow added: “Networking is a great way to build personal relationships, but it also takes time and effort. People need to plan time in their schedules for meetings away from the office, or more importantly, away from their families after work. It can also be quite intimidating for people who are not natural networkers.

“Meeow allows people to connect in familiar surroundings. It also taps into the “new” world of working. During COVID we have become used to remote working. We have also discovered a lot of the benefits such as lower overhead costs, less time wasted in commuting, etc., but networking in traditional ways just doesn’t transition well to the remote work arena.

“Meeow solves that by keeping networking rooms small, moving people around to see fresh faces and allowing natural connections to flourish. It is the perfect way to extend a business network and meet new people and prospects at a time and pace that suits each individual.”