Sink or Swim – new home for print business

After 27 years at their Hunslet site Celloglas Leeds have moved, after its insurance premiums for that location increased by over £35,0000 per year, following the devastating Boxing day floods in 2015 which nearly devastated the business.

Thanks to assistance from the  LEP (Leeds Enterprise partnership) grant, which is in place to help Leeds rate payers deal with the consequences of the flood within the Leeds area, Celloglas is now relocated in its new premises, just a few streets away, but set on higher ground on the Cross Green Industrial Estate, Leeds. 

Richard Pinkney, Operations Director at Celloglas believes the move is a mark in the sand for a strong future. He said:  “This was a blessing in disguise really, as whilst the 2015 flood was horrendous and hugely disruptive and costly for our business; that premises wasn’t really suiting our growth needs. Housed in two buildings knocked through, the space was never very efficient and it meant the machines couldn’t be grouped as we’d ideally arrange them. Now we have a nice open plan space and the move to our new site has given us the opportunity to purchase brand new machinery, including the latest technology. The upgrades mean we can now offer even better finishing and customer service and we will continue to invest in the future of the business. Signing a new 10 year lease has also given the workforce the reassurance that were here for the long term.”

He added: “The LEP have been fantastic throughout the move and the financial support was the difference between moving or not moving.   Were really pleased with what weve achieved in a very short period of time. The team here in Leeds have worked incredibly hard to manage the move, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the business. Our customers have also been very understanding and have worked with us throughout. We believe we now have one of the best equipped sites within the UK.”