York based global chemical supplier, Fluechem, has recently undertaken a complete re-brand and strategic marketing campaign with integrated marketing specialist Fantastic Media.

The team behind Fluechem has over ten years of experience in delivering solutions for the maritime shipping industry with a specific expertise in the global bunkering and supply of Caustic Soda 50% (Sodium Hydroxide) and Urea Solution (AUS40). Through pioneering technology and support services, the business has one main objective: to clean exhaust gases. Fundamentally the business delivers practical and cost-effective solutions to the challenge of IMO environmental compliance, promoting cleaner air and water for all.

The business approached Fantastic Media following a client recommendation, to formulate a marketing strategy and tactical ‘go-to-market’ plan that would support Fluechem's aggressive growth ambitions.

Following an in-depth Insight process, the agency coupled the re-brand and new website with a digital marketing strategy, consisting of PPC, content marketing, SEO, PR and a LinkedIn campaign.

To assist with SEO, the agency undertook a number of activities to ensure the Fluechem site was best positioned to rank highly on international SERPs in a number of key locations and to support improved lead generation.

Niall Roberts, director at Fluechem commented, “Fluechem was established to achieve environmental transformation in the global shipping industry, by delivering real world solutions to the challenge of emission reduction. We approached Fantastic Media, as we were looking for a partner to work with long-term, to support our exponential and ambitious growth to become a major player. Fantastic have done an exceptional job to date; the new brand has elevated our business and well-executed digital activity is generating a high number of quality leads”.

As well as promoting their bunkering services Fantastic has also set about promoting the launch of Fluechem’s Urea Generator. The Urea Generator by Fluechem is a fully automated onboard Urea blending system, housed in a shipping container, that enables users to blend Urea solution themselves as opposed to purchasing pre-mixed liquid. This innovative product helps eliminate the need to transport large quantities of Urea solution portside as well as freeing up a considerable amount of space onboard which is traditionally reserved for storage tanks. As well as saving on storage space the Urea Generator also helps with cost savings as it reduces the risks associated with pre-made solutions going out of date.

Speaking of the launch, Fluechem director, Frazer Lang said: “We’ve been working in the shipping industry for many years by providing global bunkering solutions for ship owners. Through our varied experiences we realised that the common themes throughout the maritime industry revolved around costs, efficiencies and compliance and Fantastic really helped us home in on how we get our products to market alongside all of our other service offerings. We’re excited with the impact we’ve seen since launch and expect momentum to continue.”

Gary Pattison, Fantastic Media managing partner followed this by saying: “The work we’ve undertaken alongside the team at Fluechem is a perfect representation of where Fantastic can have a real impact on the bottom line of a business. Fluechem operate in a somewhat unique subset of the shipping industry and it was genuinely as rewarding as it was challenging to get under the skin of what they do and to then effectively communicate their key USPs effectively to the right audiences on a global level.”