Physiotherapy practice opens in East Yorkshire

Young East Yorkshire physiotherapy entrepreneur Lisa Wiles has opened a flagship new clinic on the former Montessori School site near Pocklington.

Her Hands that Heal business, which also has clinics in Hull and South Cave, as well as an existing base at Pocklington Rugby Club, has doubled in size over the past two years, and needed larger premises to cope with demand.

Owner Lisa explained she also wanted room to build her ‘ideal practice’, with complementary services helping to boost clients’ overall movement and wellbeing.

Lisa and her skilled team work with leading names from the world of sport, including Hull’s Olympic champion boxer Luke Campbell, international GB triathlete Isaac Hulse and Hull-based international squash ace Fiona Moverley.

But she explained that her fundamental passion is for simply giving people their lives back by helping them to regain movement and overcome the problems they experience with issues like chronic pain.

The factors that have seen her business surge in recent years include a growing elderly population wanting a combination of help overcoming problems, and staying ‘younger for longer’, and a growing ‘keep-fit-and-healthy culture’.

“We’ve seen a real growth in demand from both ends of the spectrum,” said Lisa.

“As people are living longer, they have more potential to develop issues with movement, pain and falls. At the same time, they are keen to look after themselves because they aspire to live active lives for as long as they can.

“Meanwhile, we’re finding that the younger generation are generally much more conscious of their health, and becoming more active, fuelled by government efforts to improve awareness of the risks of things like diabetes and obesity.

“In general, there’s a real movement towards people taking up fitness activities that might not have done so before, which is great, but the downside of this is that sometimes they don’t have a good enough understanding of how to exercise safely and this can result in them injuring themselves.”

She added: “Whatever someone’s stage and motivation in life, we’re looking to combine preventative, educational activities to help keep them injury-free, with fitness classes and specialist treatment to help sort out any problems they do develop. To this end, the new clinic will feature classes like balance and falls prevention, yoga, Pilates and fitness alongside physiotherapy treatments.”

The clinic, which opened on October 7, features a skilled team of physiotherapists and specialist sports masseurs, and has been based in rooms at the Pocklington Rugby Club site, where it has looked after its athletes for a number of years, who they will continue to support from the new site. The Pocklington expansion follows the opening of the Cottingham Hands That Heal clinic, on King Street, in 2017; and rooms at the prestigious Cave Castle Hotel, in South Cave, the same year.  It now also has a York Clinic within the White Rose Clinic, Melrose Gate, opened in late 2017.

As well as working with athletes, Lisa’s 10-strong team of highly skilled practitioners have worked in a range of healthcare settings, including the NHS, and can help patients with everything from chronic back pain to frequent headaches, work-related injury and post-surgery rehabilitation. They apply the same commitment to excellence, to every client they work with.

Lisa added that she hopes to use the new Pocklington site as a prototype for similar ‘wellness centres’ elsewhere in the region. She aims to double the size of the business again within the next five years.