Peace of mind living

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and a pre-payment plan is a caring and sensible cost-effective way to do so.
However, choosing the right plan is essential as the industry has been
under investigation by the government who plan to oversee the industry through the Financial Conduct Authority as some companies are charging unnecessary high prices and using high pressure selling techniques. 
The market is worth £2b a year with an average funeral costing between £3k and £5k. 77% of all funerals are cremations and Wakefield and Pontefract Crematoriums are the joint third most expensive council run crematoriums in the UK
At R J Burgess you can be assured that the plan you choose will meet all our professional fees meaning that at the time of need there would be no more payment needed towards our fees.  We also have the option for people to guarantee the third party cremation fee that makes up part of the overall cost of the funeral plan so no matter how much the crematorium increases their prices you can be protected from these rising costs.  Our plans also have the option to make a contribution towards other third party fees such as flowers, catering, obituary notices etc.  and any money you pay into the plan for these items is guaranteed to grow at the Retail Price Index. 
All of the money you pay towards your funeral will go into an independently managed trust fund and our plans allow you to make payments in instalments if you don’t have the full payment available upfront. Either way you can be assured that your payment is financially secure giving you and your family peace of mind .
There are lots of options available and we serves the whole of Wakefield Fives Towns district, so why not get in touch today and get peace of mind to you and your family in knowing that everything is taken care of, so you can get on and live your life to the full!
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