North Yorkshire Law on being authentic online

Established from a merger of several local law firms back in 2000, North Yorkshire Law has always attributed its success to delivering a customer-first service. In the past year, however, the Scarborough and Whitby-based firm has grown by 30%, opening a third office in York and then taking larger premises at its new branch due to the immediate demand for legal services in the city centre.

The reason for this success? “Digital relationships made personal,” says Richard Boyd, Managing Partner. “What might sound like a paradox is actually the right way to deliver legal services to our clients,” Boyd continues. North Yorkshire Law has made significant investment in its online platforms, including social media, to precisely position itself as a go-to local law firm in all matters around residential conveyancing, commercial property, litigation, wills, probate and power of attorney.
The firm prides itself on delivering expert legal services with efficiency
and accessibility. This means debunking jargon, explaining outcomes in
everyday language and looking round corners to pre-empt any bumps
along the way. The use of a solicitor is often born out of necessity and
sometimes urgency, so it pays to invest in being front of mind with local
residents and business people for when the need does arise. This is very
much the long game – and it’s based on building a relationship. The
difference is that North Yorkshire Law recognises that relationships can
be started and fostered online.

It also helps to be compassionate. “Ultimately, the provision of legal
services amounts to a human being with a problem putting their trust in us to look after them, Mr Boyd adds. “We don’t go down a hard sell route, nor do we present ourselves to clients unless our legal expertise truly matches their needs.”

North Yorkshire Law made a very considered decision to up its online
presence for 2019, launching with a brand refresh for 2019, which has
been spearheaded by a new website. “We didn’t want to re-brand for
the sake of re-branding, but because we felt that law practices in North
Yorkshire needed a genuine shake-up,” Mr Boyd continues.

To that end, the firm now starts conversations with partners and clients via social media, as readily as they do by writing a letter, picking up the
phone, or drafting an email. The key to this is authenticity: clients want and need down-to-earth legal representation, whether they’re buying their first house or negotiating a complex employment law case.

The brand refresh was a powerful agent in re-invigorating employee
engagement within the firm, too: the new look and feel of the firm has
seen all team members buy into North Yorkshire Law’s brand values and
plans for the future. “By involving all team members in the re-brand
consultation and decision-making process, we were able to provide
them with a place that they’re proud to work in,” Mr Boyd explains.
The firm is justifiably proud of the calibre of its team – and it wants to
keep on recruiting the very best in local talent. This was a very large
factor in the decision to open office doors in York; opening up North
Yorkshire Law to great practitioners who want to work out of the city

Reflecting on recent successes, Mr Boyd concludes: “We recognise the
importance of celebrating the firm’s buoyancy – but we do this with
absolute gratitude to our clients. Without them, our growth wouldn’t be

Partner Natalie Foster was made Head of Commercial at North Yorkshire Law in April.

North Yorkshire Law offers free 15-minute appointments on litigation and family matters at its Scarborough (Albemarle Crescent) and Whitby (Baxtergate) offices.