New Two Towers® gateway set to elevate roadside advertising in Leeds

Premium out-of-home media owner Ocean is introducing its award-winning Two Towers® advertising concept to Yorkshire. Two double-sided digital towers will be located on either side of the A61 inner city route, reaching motorists as they drive into and out of Leeds.

The bespoke installation has been designed to elevate creative out of home advertising opportunities for Yorkshire and wider businesses and reflect Leeds’s reputation as a leading financial and creative industries hub.

The Two Towers® Leeds replace an existing single digital screen with synchronised, landscape screens strategically positioned either side of the A61 carriageway to offer improved advertising space for brands that want to take advantage of premium digital out of home spaces.

The four new screens measure 12.6m wide by 3.24m high and offer a resolution of 1260 x 324 pixels.

Ocean chief marketing officer Richard Malton said: “Advertisers are looking for spectacular roadside spaces which offer an improved creative opportunity for brands, powered by the best digital technology. We are committed to investing in prestige out of home locations like Two Towers® Leeds which reflect and represent a vibrant and growing, digitally connected city.”

Ocean also operates the full motion digital out-of-home screen which is located above the Trinity Leeds shopping centre in Leeds city centre.

The Leeds Two Towers® joins those already operated by Ocean in London’s financial district and on The Mancunian Way, Manchester, and Ocean has plans to build a fourth gateway in Birmingham next year as part of its UK wide 2019 development pipeline.