Making brands personal

I’ve had meetings with some really interesting people recently and a conversation that keeps cropping up is personal branding.

This subject first came into conversation when I caught up with the lovely Deborah Ogden for coffee a couple of weeks ago. This isn’t the first time we have met, but it is the first time we talked about personal branding. The reason? Deborah is an expert on the subject and a keynote speaker, so who better to to write a regular column for TopicUK Businesswomen about that very subject? Deborah’s first column will be in our November edition, due out 31st October.

A chance meeting followed with Lawyer Jodie Hill, founder of Thrive Law, and a specialist in mental health, brought the subject to the forefront again when by coincidence, Jodie invited me to a Thrive event taking place in Leeds this week, with speaker, yes, you guessed it, Deborah Ogden speaking about personal branding. There are still places available for the event tomorrow (27 September). Do let us know if you are interested and I will let you have details.

The third was an email asking if I wanted to review a book, ‘The End of Marketing’. Now I am asked often to review products, particularly books, but usually turn books down due to lack of time, but this one caught my eye and I have to say I am only on the first chapter and personal branding has reared its head again and I am hooked! (I really need to put the book down and do some work!)

Another two regular features coming up in TopicUK from next edition will be written by two ladies who know all about personal branding and how to use it successfully. Actress, Presenter and Founder of The Capsule, Natalie Anderson, and Founder and editor in chief of House of Coco, Laura Bartlett. Both ladies use their personal branding to highlight their companies, both of which are hugely successful.

People don’t buy from logos, they buy from people. People trust people, this is why here at TopicUK we believe in the power of networking and this centres around everything we do. Read our next edition to find out more.

Gill x