Leuly PR, a results-driven PR and communications agency, has added to its roster of new and diverse client wins after being appointed by thriving online gaming and technology firm, By Gamers For Gamers (BGFG), based in Manchester.

The Yorkshire-based agency with its prowess for establishing start-up technology firms, will be tasked with elevating the BGFG brand over the next three months in line with its ambition to become the go to place to work and thrive in the gaming technology sector.

BGFG quickly gained global recognition in the gaming community for providing its customers with unbiased, honest product reviews and in-depth buyer guides, up-to-date PC build recommendations, and the latest in gaming and Esports news; all in an interactive, fun and informative way.

Therefore, in addition to brand awareness, the team at Leuly PR will implement a talent-attraction strategy and corporate brand awareness programme as BGFG continues to experience high growth rates and demand for its services in the gaming technology industry.

Gemma Birbeck, CEO and founder of Leuly PR, said: “BGFG’s momentum in the gaming world is exponential; and with this growth comes the need to acquire talent with a deep passion for the gaming technology sector; but to also be driven, loyal and fun-loving gaming-tech individuals who can speak to customers from all walks of life.

“The pandemic has resulted in a wealth of talent entering the pool and as a result, BGFG needs to define its corporate voice with what it can offer in terms of, not only in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), but job experience, resources, incremental support for personal and professional development, employee wellbeing, flexi work-life options etc.

“This is because 90% of employees consider the corporate and HR brand first when deciding on where to work.”

Andrew Kirkcaldy, cofounder of BGFG, adds: “We know we can rely on Gemma and her team at Leuly PR to help cultivate our growth as a company where employees want to work, as well as supporting the ongoing initiative to grow the BGFG brand as we’ve worked with her on short-term projects in the past.

“We are determined to lead by example and operate fluidly in a digital world. This means we want to attract talent from around the world, adding to our culture and giving our customers that worldly perspective when investing their money in gaming technology products. This is vital for us and we know Leuly PR will guide us every step of the way as their values align with ours.”

BGFG is the sixth business to join the Leuly PR client portfolio in the last three months.