A Pudsey company has joined the fight to help keep people safe from coronavirus.

Scientists at Vickers Laboratories in Pudsey, Leeds have pivoted to launch a range of sanitisation products to help businesses across multiple industries to combat the pandemic and get back to work.

Their newly launched hand sanitiser is made in Yorkshire to a recipe approved by the World Health Organisation. The 10-litre sanitiser contains 75% alcohol, kills 99.9% of bacteria and costs just £36.95, making it the most cost-effective in the UK.

Vickers Laboratories, established in Pudsey, 50 years ago, pivoted at the start of lockdown to create its own range of scientifically blended hand antisepsis products to reduce infection.

The company has teamed up with Algeos, one of the UK’s leading healthcare wholesalers, to distribute the hand sanitiser, which can be used to refill all types of dispensers.

The fast-drying hand sanitiser, currently VAT free, is now being snapped up by businesses across the country including care homes, hospices, vets, solicitors, hotels, police control centres, taxi companies, offices and shops.

Steve Foster, MD of Vickers Laboratories, said: “When the pandemic struck, we repurposed a production line so we could start producing our own range of hand sanitisers.

“They are all manufactured in Yorkshire, fast drying, made using the best ingredients and are highly effective. Our new range is even scented with a fresh linen fragrance, which our customers love.

“So many companies have had a go at making hand sanitisers, but many are overpriced and of questionable quality. As a manufacturer of bespoke chemicals, we spent time getting the formulation right, have a WHO approved recipe and have produced a high-quality product at the best possible price.”

Jackie Fisher, CEO of Algeos, said: “We are committed to discovering the most innovative products which is why we were delighted to team up with Vickers Laboratories to help them distribute such a market leading product.

“An increasing number of people are coming back to work every week and they need access to the best sanitisers and masks. We are proud to be sourcing and stocking some of the best quality products on the market.”