A Leeds-based IT company has developed a unique new cloud-based service which will help businesses to manage their IT infrastructure more easily, streamline how technical issues are handled and ensure all staff have quick access to the training resources they need to work smarter.

With the launch of My Everon Cloud, the Everon team has devised a new way to address the IT related issues that typically harm an organisation’s productivity, staff morale and ultimately profitability. It works by providing a clear and easy-to-use dashboard that all users can access across an organisation via any device – effectively serving as an intranet too thanks to an in-built messaging facility, calendar synching and staff directory.

The dashboard provides visibility on the operational status of all laptops, PCs and other connected devices, as well as software, with an instant support request feature to ensure maintenance requests and technical problems are resolved in a hassle-free way. Security is optimised too as IT managers can see at a glance if devices are secured, encrypted and up to date.

And, by providing a single point of access for all the software programs and apps used within the organisation – including bespoke internal systems, My Everon Cloud is also a control panel for every member of staff to use daily and access any online training resources they need.

Jamie Marshall, Director of Everon said: “The IT infrastructure is the backbone of virtually every organisation these days, but most are unable to get the most out of it because it has become difficult to manage or the range of technical resources and skills across teams varies so much. It’s a situation that really harms how well organisations can perform despite the best efforts of individuals.

“That’s why we’ve invested in My Everon Cloud, a service that brings together key information and resources into one place to provide valuable oversight for clients or IT managers and a valuable knowledge base for users.

“This service includes being able to pinpoint technical issues and identify when hardware needs replacing before it can cause issues and affect productivity. It makes the process for IT support much slicker too, which we know can be a source of frustration for members of staff who may be keen to complete tasks but are held back whilst their IT issues are being resolved.”

My Everon Cloud is available to any organisation large or small, starting with an initial consultation by one of Everon’s IT specialists, with the deployment process taking just a few hours for existing clients and one or two days for new clients, depending on the organisation. IT managers can configure the service to suit their organisation’s KPIs (key performance indicators), including the completion of training modules through My Everon Cloud’s ‘University’ feature.

Founded in 2008, Everon looks after hundreds of businesses across Yorkshire. From its Castleton Mill base in central Leeds, its team provides business IT support including a full IT management service – essentially being an organisation’s IT department, cloud services, telephony and cyber security.