Leeds based legal expert launches industry first pay-as-you-feel legal services

A local barrister has decided to try and do his part in helping the economy by launching an industry first approach to legal business support.

By using a pay-as-you-feel approach Dr Dan Rahnavard of Fountain Legal hopes that start-ups and smaller businesses feel more confident when reaching out to seek legal advice.

He acknowledges the risk of such a venture, but is hopeful about how it will work.

‘There has been mixed success with using a pay-what-you-want payment structure recently, a notable example being the restaurant industry, though I’m the first to do it in the legal sector. The main fear is that people abuse it, however other industries including hotel, airlines, museums and even zoos have used this method with very pleasing results indeed. Of course, I do see the risks, but I’ve got faith in people, people that will pay a fair price for a good service.’

His inspiration for the pricing structure came from a few sources with many industries being brave and innovative at the same, an approach Dr Rahnavard believes is essential for success to be born out of Brexit uncertainty.

‘We are on the cusp of Brexit, which means that importing and exporting may be about to get very difficult. If that does happen, we’ll all have to support each other. However, most start-ups and SMEs are cash tight at the moment. But I don’t believe that means businesses should be without the most important services – legal being one of them. With tough times ahead we all need to lean on each other for support and make sure we have solid corner stones to build businesses on. I’m just doing my bit.’

Dr Rahnavard is a published author and has attained his PhD. After being called to the Bar of England and Wales, he lectured Contract and Commercial law for 10 years before founding Fountain Legal in order to provide vital legal services to those in business who need his help the most – the start-up and SME sector.