Lawyer Satpal is face of Law Society’s ‘Solicitor. Here to Help’ campaign

Lawyer Satpal Roth is hoping to improve the image of the legal profession as the new face of the Law Society’s ‘Solicitor. Here to Help’ campaign.

The 38-year-old, who owns Kher Solicitors in Leeds, is on board the Law Society’s national campaign, which challenges the idea that solicitors are expensive and out of reach for some people.

In the coming weeks, TV and online adverts will be aired, and posters will be featured on buses, trams, trains, station platforms and digital screens up and down the country, encouraging people to seek expert legal advice around issues like setting up a business, making a will, divorce, and buying a home.

Satpal, who provides business, crime and regulatory legal advice and support, will be one of the people featured on buses and digital screens around the country, including in Leeds, Sheffield, York and Doncaster.

“I think members of the public believe that using a solicitor will cost them an absolute fortune, but many practices offer very reasonable prices and fixed fees,” said Satpal, who lives in Huddersfield.

“If people want sound legal advice that will get them the results they want, they should use a professional and regulated solicitor.

“We study and train for years, and have to adhere to the highest standards, so people should feel confident we are giving the best advice and working in their best interests.

“A lot of solicitors offer a free 30-minute consultation, too, so you can discuss the case, the best course of action and even a payment plan. People should not be frightened to ask about prices and payment options.

“It’s important people realise they are more likely to get the outcome they desire if they hire a professional solicitor to help them. We’re not scary – we just want to help.”

Satpal also advised people who are considering hiring a solicitor to use the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service, which is on its website. It has a database of nearly 168,000 legal professionals across England and Wales that enables people to find suitable solicitors in the area where they live or work.

Joe Egan, President of the Law Society, thanked Satpal for giving her support to the campaign. He said: “The continued growth of do-it-yourself legal services, which are often unregulated, means members of the public are exposed to non-professional advice, which can be more of a hindrance than a help.

“Our latest campaign aims to break through the pre-conceived ideas that people might have about solicitors. We want to remind people that highly-qualified, professionally-trained solicitors are the best people to speak to for legal advice.

“Solicitors are properly trained and qualified in the law, and they are regulated and insured. People are much more likely to get the outcome they desire if they go through a solicitor.”