Leeds technology company, Intuitive Learning, which provides continuous digital learning, development and communication to employees across all industries, has appointed Kirsty Foster-Jennings as strategy director.

Kirsty brings a wealth of experience to the role after spending the last four years working at another technology-based learning provider. Prior to that she worked for an organisation that developed leadership courses for directors working in children’s services.

Intuitive Learning was established in 2017 and its flagship product, known as Cognito, is a unique knowledge retention and performance measuring tool that drives engagement and individual improvement by utilising artificial intelligence to tailor personalised learning pathways.

In her new role, Kirsty is responsible for overseeing and formalising company processes and support structures, as well as working with Intuitive Learning’s team to successfully integrate new clients. She will also help to shape Cognito moving forward.

Intuitive Learning’s, managing director, Mike Routledge, said: “Over the last three years, Cognito has made significant inroads into the learning and development space and is quickly establishing itself as the de facto choice for companies looking to provide an alternative and innovative solution. Companies are now turning to us to improve employee productivity and capability, as well as engagement and wellbeing. This is particularly true during the Covid-19 pandemic, with Cognito proving to be highly effective in supporting remote workers and generating informed management information that can drive business strategies.

“Kirsty has worked in learning and development for the last 10 years and is experienced in helping organisations of all sizes deliver effective outcomes using learning tools. She is joining us at an exciting time following major contract wins from a national charity, a technology supplier to the shipping industry and several significant organisations within the financial services sector. There’s no doubt Kirsty has the experience to further enhance our processes and understanding of our customers’ requirements as we continue to grow.”

Kirsty said: “Learning and development tools to aid knowledge retention have evolved hugely in recent years and are making a major difference to organisations and their employees. It is a fascinating field to work in, especially because the product can be moulded to be effective across all types of job roles and industries. I’m really looking forward to helping to further develop our service levels, systems and the Cognito product itself.”