TopicUK partner Jonathan Kattenberg is to undertake a walk that has been an ambition for a long time.

“The 6633 Arctic Ultra has been on my to do list for a number of years and I plan to participate in 2023. (2022 is now set for my “Journey of a 1,000 miles, whilst walking with my bear”)

“It is a foot race in the Yukon territories in temperatures that can plummet to -50 and is a non-stop race pulling all supplies and equipment on a pulk.”

This race not only tests the endurance abilities of an individual, but fundamentally test's an individual’s ability to work with their own mindset under extreme environments. “It’s only when we are faced with extreme situations, do we truly find out if our mindset is geared in a way to support us achieving our journey in life,” he remarked.

“As a mindset specialist, I truly believe in leading by example and walking the talk. A USP which not only inspires, but actually provides clear confidence I walk the talk. A contributory reason why many clients work directly with me.”

This year, a trip to the Artic was impossible for Jonathan and it has been replaced with the 6633 Virtual Ultra race which begins on the stroke of midnight leading into 1st March with all participants having until the end of March to complete the distance.

“Due to the Government road map leading the nation out of COVID-19, I have chosen to participate in the 6633 Virtual Ultra 120-mile foot race and not the 380 miles as planned. All participants have 30 days to complete the 120 miles.

“I will complete the distance within my locality respecting local lockdown restrictions and report my mileage and timing direct.

To find out more about the race, visit:

“This will be a warmup for my 1,040-mile charity fundraising campaign,” he continued “when at the stroke of midnight as we enter the 12th April 2021, I will commence (assuming there are no unforeseen restriction barriers placed) an unsupported 1,040 mile fundraising challenge in the Peak District, pulling a sled with all my own supplies and sleeping under the stars to raise funds for a charity close to my heart, Focus4Hope.”

Focus4Hope is a charity that provides support for the elderly, homeless, isolated, and otherwise vulnerable in West Yorkshire, including women escaping from violence. The group, which began as a community-based non-profit started by friends, was founded in 2016 and is now a respected pillar of the charitable community.
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“Something else close to my heart, is the work they do to bring resources to those who need them most by hosting outreach events in the West Yorkshire area on a regular basis. During fortnightly events in Leeds, they feed up to 100 homeless individuals and provide parcels full of essential hygiene items and food.

The organisation now desperately needs funds to pay for a support worker who can work with the people they help, during the pandemic the incidences of reported domestic abuse have soared. The cost of a support worker for one year is £10,400, which I hope to raise via sponsorship on my JustGiving Page which can be found on my website:
Alternatively, there is the option to support in other ways via the Shop Page on my website where a percentage of all proceeds will go to this worthwhile cause.
Your support and generosity would be greatly appreciated.”