Investment opens new doors for specialist joinery manufacturers

Leeds bespoke timber specialist David H Wright joinery is reaping the benefits of significant investment in cutting edge machinery.

The company, with expertise in heritage and conservation, works in the residential and commercial and sector and spent in excess of £100,000 upgrading its manufacturing processes and equipment in the spring.

Investing in Belgian made Vertongen machinery alongside global leader SCM’s  woodworking and panel processing equipment from Italy, has put David H Wright at the forefront of bespoke window and door manufacturing in the north of England.

With faster lead times and greater precision of design and replication of new styles, the company is now able to compete for more business and bigger contracts than ever before in its 30 year history. Employee productivity has been increased and space gained in the workshop as the more advanced equipment is more streamlined.

While consistency in the replication of complicated designs has transformed the production of popular window and door designs offered by the firm, the new machinery handles higher levels of tolerance for non-standard designs and their bespoke heritage and conservation work. It has opened doors for new relationships with architects and property developers.

Joint founder Sharon Wright heads the sales operation at the company and is delighted with the advances in the workshop, saying “The knock on effect throughout the 16 strong team here has been amazing.  Delivering quality joinery has always been our ethos, which sometimes lost us business on slow lead times, but now we can offer clients the best timber work in a much shorter timescale, making our service a serious competitor for suppliers in the same market. Everyone is very upbeat about the growth of the business on the back of this investment.”

Recent residential and commercial contracts won by David H Wright Joinery on the merits of the new manufacturing processes include major projects in London and Yorkshire.