Appreciate, Home of Love2shop, launches a new digital gift card that enables businesses to reward and incentivise employees and customers instantaneously. Based on Mastercard, the Love2shop Contactless digital gift card can be used online or in-store through a mobile wallet with over 80 retailers and leisure providers.

Love2shop Contactless digital gift offers a quick and easy way to send digital gift cards instantly by email, text, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to an unlimited number of recipients. The cards can be sent on schedule for delivery for an upcoming special date – a customer’s anniversary, staff or client’s birthday and, of course, as a thank you for a recent transaction or ‘switch-over’.

Appreciate Group has collaborated with payments technology company CleverCards to develop the new offering to coincide with the rebrand of its B2B arm to ‘Appreciate, the home of Love2shop’.

Ian O’Doherty, CEO, Appreciate Group explained: “Reinforcing the potential opportunities for growth, we saw demand for new business in rewards and incentives double between April and September 2020, driven by companies looking to thank customers and employees for their hard work during lockdown.

“Going forward in 2021, we believe there are significant opportunities to satisfy increasing customer demand for digital rewards and personalised incentives. We’re proud to introduce the ‘Love2shop Contactless’, a fully digital B2B gift card that reinforces our commitment to making rewarding staff and customers even simpler.”

Appreciate Group is already trusted by millions of consumers and businesses to help them create moments they can treasure and remember whether they are giving, receiving or experiencing something special.

Kealan Lennon, CEO of CleverCards, added: “We are proud that the Love2shop Contactless B2B digital card is being launched using the CleverCards platform.

“Appreciate Group truly understands the needs of its customers. This new card gives businesses a headache-free, super simple opportunity to order, track and e-Deliver custom branded digital gift cards, with personalised messages to employees or customers wherever they are located during lockdown.

“The new card enables recipients to spend their card online or in-store contactlessly with new levels of security, as the £45 contactless limit does not apply to mobile contactless payments.”