In support of girls in science, Genovate Power Solutions has donated 800 copies of ‘Cones and Greener Power’ to schools in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.

The books are to educate and interest children in the energy industry and to show positive representation of women in STEM fields.

The lead character of the book, Conevert, is a female engineer who explains the importance of backup power stations in supporting renewable generation methods.

Genovate Power Solutions install, operate and maintain distributed power assets to customers across the UK and Ireland. They build and manage power stations which support the national grid on a second-by-second basis.

The book is the 11th in the Cones series, written by Chris Madeley. The Series follows a group of cones as they explore and learn about the world and how to stay safe at all times.

Mr Alan Dempsey, Managing director of Genovate Power Solutions said: “We’re so excited to launch this book, especially on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It is very important to us that we engage with young children and we would be immensely proud if this book sparked an interest in the industry for any of the recipients.”

He added: “The plot explains the importance of backup power in the implementation of renewables and demonstrates Genovate Power Solution’s commitment to providing the best and cleanest technology possible.”