Huddersfield film company shoot TV crime drama in York

Denby Dale based TV & Film Production Company, Visualize Films, have started shooting a brand new television detective drama series set in and around the iconic city of York. John Danbury, creator of the series and Managing Director of Visualize Films said “York is such an evocative place and we wanted to use the city as more than just a backdrop to the drama so our script ideas have been developed with the City as a central character so the plot lines could only happen in York, unlike other shows where although the scenery is great they could be anywhere”.

Being a northern based company Visualize are champions of local talent, both in front of and behind the camera and aim to give opportunities to those who have yet to break into TV and the young people who are training in the region so they do not have to relocate to London or Manchester to find work.

The new series follows the adventures of Sebastian Duke, a disillusioned Health and Safety Officer, who decides to abandon his regular career with an insurance company and take up a new role solving crime. He teams up with a retired Gurkha and an investigative journalist Hayley and her tech wizard teenage son.

The first episode is a two hour feature length mystery and is set to be directed by ‘’Emmerdale’ and ‘Shameless’ star Kelli Hollis.

“I’ve heard people refer to it as a cross between ‘Jonathan Creek’ and ‘Scooby Doo’!” said Kelli. “Every story is a thought-provoking challenge; a sort of ‘locked room mystery’ where the only explanation MUST be supernatural – but as with Scooby Doo there’s always a practical and criminal explanation in the final reel”.

With multi award winning cinematographer and York resident Dave Thorp at the help we will see some insightful parts of this amazing city “York is very aesthetic. There are some delightful views – some well-known, and some not so obvious. The biggest technical challenge we will face is running a camera down a narrow snickleway just 26” wide for a chase sequence!”

Danbury went on to say “Everyone involved seems so excited about what the series will have to offer. There seems to be an almost insatiable demand for crime drama both in the UK and abroad, and overseas viewers love the ‘Englishness’ some current series have to offer and York is about as English as it gets.  We’ve already had interest from several international distributors even at this early stage.”

Shooting starts in York on Monday 10th February.