Home secretary visits Brighouse-based Hardware Company

The Home Secretary Priti Patel along with MP Craig Whittaker and Andrea Jenkyns (Parliamentary candidate) and local community  were invited to Avocet Hardware a leading hardware company of UK. (Wed 27 Nov). Priti Patel and Craig Whitaker did a presentation in front of local community of over 100 invited guests. 

CEO Rythm Jain Saigal and Dr Sachin Saigal (Group Ops Director) received Ms Patel at Avocet and gave her a tour of the company’s site and briefed her about the Avocet Hardware which was originally established in 1988 having more than 20,000 SKU’s with three divisions of Avocet- Door and Window, Builders Hardware, Security. 

Priti was also given demo of ABS Eurocylinder locks and AIM forensic security alarm.

Dr Sachin Saigal who organised the visit said, It’s been a huge honour to welcome the Home Secretary Priti Patel and MP Craig Whittaker her staff to our Head Office. Ms Patel enjoyed the tour and met with various members of staff from Sales, admin, IT and warehouse.